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Sony [NYSE: SNE] is promising that the next version of firmware for its PSP game system will give the portable Google search, along with stored memory for the last 20 searches performed. Firmware update 4.00 will also allow video played off a memory stick to be viewed in fast-forward or slow-motion. In the PSP's interface, Google search will be accessible under the XMB's "Network"category through a new icon titled "Internet Search."

Interestingly, the PSP seems to become more of a multi-faceted gadget every year, now sporting things like GPS mapping in addition to its video gaming abilities. On the other side of the Pacific, Apple's iPhone seems to be broadening its feature-set to include what many gamers would agree is a near-PSP gaming experience. Only time will tell if the two titans of portability will eventually compete directly, but with Sony Ericsson right across the family tree from the PSP team, it seems like only a matter of time before the PSP will be a fully-fledged mobile communication (and gaming) device, ala iPhone.