PUSH 2008: The Fertile Delta

Facing the future is about asking the right questions, not about trying to find the answers.

The Push Institute is a non-profit think tank that hosts an annual conference for organizations and individuals who wish to influence and explore what is “pushing the future in new directions.”

This year’s conference focus is The Fertile Delta. It will journey “into our increasingly flattened and fragmented world for a penetrating look at the polarizing effect of globalization on markets, identity, resources, politics, culture — and the exciting new opportunities that lie in ‘the space between’,” as Cecily Sommers, founder and president of the Push Institute, envisions it.

The conference is led by presentations from artists and thinkers that are expected to inspire participants and set a tone for them to ask the best questions and spark conversation.

This year at PUSH 2008 there will be speakers and participants from all over the world, including Rwanda, Nigeria, Netherlands, United Kingdom and Canada, taking on four global topics: economics, politics, religion and technology.

Presenters and participants will be addressing some of the key issues that face us today such as how religious movements drive politics, immigration and urbanization or how innovations can help with the growing energy, water and air quality crisis.

It is anticipated that the conference will involve a good deal of audience participation. Ample time has been allotted for question and answer sessions, and participants are encouraged to engage with one another through Twitter.


PUSH 2008 is kicking off tonight with opening performances and a reception. Anna Wool, B.A. in sociology from Colorado College, and I, Melissa Turtinen, a senior journalism major from the University of Massachusetts, will be providing nearly live coverage of the conference – keep checking in for updates.

Posted by Melissa Turtinen