Awesome Words from Around the Blogworld

I’ve always found Fridays a tough day to come up with something productive to talk about on a blog, especially during the summer months.

However, there are some people out there doing productive work in the blogosphere. Perhaps it’s not a bad idea to give some of them a shout? 

Do yourself a favor and check out some great articles…

  • Bob Gilbreath at The Challenge Divided has an insightful post about rationalizing purchases in advertising and your personal life called The Haircut Analogy (don’t steal it, he’s trademarking it).
  • A great video about Social Media in Plain English was posted by Direct Online Marketing of Wheeling, WV.
  • SEO guru Dan Perry caused 95% of halfday Fridays in the state of Illinois with his Golf Marketing Blog.
  • A new blog about the everchanging world of US zip codes (you’d be amazed) is giving away a FREE zip code database to anyone interested.
  • Fantasy Baseball Dugout pays homage to poker studs and contemplates a Fantasy WSOP league.