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Perhaps planning to recapture some of the excitement of the first Motorola RAZR, RIM [NASDAQ: RIMM] will soon be releasing its first Blackberry flip phone, and a mighty sleek-n-thin one at that. The Kickstart, aka Blackberry 9100, will be available on T-Mobile, but rumor has it there's another version of the phone planned. Dubbed the Seawolf, or Blackberry 9110, the model-name of this alternate version suggests it might be a similar device, but planned for the other big GSM provider in the US: AT&T.

The rumor mill is also buzzing with reports of a so-called "mystery phone" coming from the Canadian smartphone maker, and it's looking like it will be a part of the forthcoming Blackberry touchscreen series. One such touchscreen 'Berry is known to be under development, called the Thunder, but its touch-based cousin, dubbed the Aurora, is the subject of the new gossip. Why? It shares a model-number family with the Thunder, but also shows indications of featuring a real, tactile SureType keyboard like that on the Pearl. Could this be a hybrid device, ala the Palm Treo? RIM's not letting on just yet.