Work/Life: …But Boss, I Saved $15 at the Bunny Ranch!

The unpopularity of American Airlines’ $15 first-checked-bag fee is stimulating the creative impulse in marketers who want to tap into travelers’ desire to get some relief from the airlines’ expanding list of fees.


While nobody can turn back the clock to the fee-less past, certain civic-minded groups are stopping up to the plate, like the doctor or dentist who validates your parking, to pick up the change for their customers.

Now you can add to that list a Nevada brothel.

You read that right. The Moonlite Bunny Ranch in Carson City recently reported in a marketer’s dream news release that it would punch its customers’ tickets, so to speak, reimbursing them for the $15 baggage charge.

This gives a whole new meaning to the term “frequent flyer.”

Sure, this is an opportunistic promotion. But it’s also brilliant and funny.

From another perspective, however, it’s also sobering. The news spotlight on the $15 fee may be indicative of how our travel reality is changing.

The new reality is that we’re going to have to learn to travel lighter.

We’re going to have to learn to expect less.

We may even have to learn that business travel has become a luxury. Everyone is going to have to do their part to deal with the new reality.

Imagine how happy your accounting department will be when they learn you saved the company $15 on your last business trip to the Bunny Ranch….

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