Work/Life: The Top Ten Things That Could Turn Each of Us Into The Hulk



  • It’s not surprising that The Incredible Hulk, who representsunchecked anger, should have such a grip on the collective unconscious.  He is, literally, a monster from theId.  And the fact that there is nowa second film about him already this decade shows that we may all secretly wishwe could explode in rage the way he does. It would certainly give us the edge in a traffic jam.  I found it interesting that theWikipedia entry on the Hulk includes a quote from Venezuelan president HugoChávez, who once said “thegeopolitics of the world will be like the Incredible Hulk comics, where hetenses himself before the transformation.” 
  • Ah, yes, tensing ourselves before the transformation.  How many times have we been there?  Well, here’s a short list of exampleswhen each of us may, at any moment, turn into the Hulk: 




  1. Automated Telephone Receptionists – First of all, stopsaying things like “okay, I’ll check that for you.”  You are not an “I.” You are a recording.  And ifI have to hit pound to return to the main menu one more time…urrggghhh! 
  2. Self-Evaluations – What, I’m going to tell you I suck?  Arrrgghhh! 
  3. Talking in the Movie Theater – Not that I can hear youanymore over the blasting pyrotechnics that seem to be in every stinking,unoriginal special-effects-laden crappy movie now!  Bmmmphhhht! 
  4. People Who Start Driving Faster Once You Pass Them   Rrrrwwrrrrrahhh! 
  5. Someone in the Next Cubicle Who Insists on E-Mailing You –Hey, pal, I’m right next to you! Speak to me!  Arrghhhh!
  6. Co-Workers Who Still Use the Term “Team Player”   Right.  I’ll bet you “thinkoutside the box” too!  Urrrmppphhh! 
  7. Ads on the Internet Featuring Dancing Space Aliens –Somebody put an end to these herky-jerky abominations!   Frrrgghhhhh! 
  8. “The Secret” – Okay, it’s old news, but I’ve triedmanifesting a million dollars with the power of my intention alone and ithasn’t been working!   Ofcourse Oprah can do it!  She hasthe capital!  Grrrrrrrrr! 
  9. Typing “Your” When You Mean “You’re”   Stop it, just stop it!  Mmmmmphhhrrghh! 
  10. Top Ten Lists – Urrrrgghhhh! 




  • Feel free to submit your own Hulk-inducing peeves.  And don’t worry; if things get out ofhand and you actually change into the Hulk, somehow, miraculously, you willstill be wearing pants.