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JVC Victor [TYO: 6792] has been cranking out its popular Aleno players in Japan for some time, and it's just announced it will be adding three more models to the XA-V lineup. The new models, labeled XA-V80, XA-V40, and XA-V20 will have 8GB, 4GB, and 2GB of storage respectively, and play all the usual stuff: video, music, and photos.

Up front, the Aleno players boast a 2-inch, 220x176 display, and promise a solid 25 hours of battery life when listening to music (six, if watching video.) The new Alenos will also sport JVC's proprietary audio-enhancement software, called "K2, and a large 4-way directional pad surrounded by Back, Menu and Play/Stop buttons (with a "select" button at the pad's center.) When these arrive in the States in July, they'll come with pricetags between $180 and $250, varying by capacity, and will come in your choice of blue, black, white or red.