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In something akin to a corporate cat-fight, AMD [NYSE: AMD] and NVIDIA [NASDAQ: NVDA] have decided that Intel has not been adequately forthcoming with its specifications for the next iteration of the USB interface, USB 3.0. The danger, of course, is that Intel is keeping mum about the spec in order to have more time to develop hardware of their own, which would give them a nifty little advantage once USB 3.0 comes to market. That accusation is implicit in the strategy that AMD and NVIDIA have elected to pursue, namely, to develop a competing interface, thereby ditching Intel's tea party.

Intel maintains that their specs aren't ready, and that they don't want to release anything prematurely for fear that hardware developers will end up developing devices based on outmoded prototype versions of USB 3.0. The defiant twosome plans to meet next week to refine their plans, but with the ubiquity of USB and the limited real estate on devices like UMPCs and smartphones, there may not be room for another serial bus in Silicon Valley.