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Microsoft's [NASDAQ: MSFT] Windows Home Server is a nifty piece of software that lets you store all your data and backups in one convenient, network-accessible place. As cool as that sounds, it's decidely less cool if the software comes with an extreme data corruption bug, as it did when released last year. To remedy this erratum, Microsoft has released an overdue service pack called Power Pack 1, which should also improve other features like backup, remote access, and energy saving, as well as adding support for Vista's x64 version.

Interestingly, PP1, as it's dubbed, is an installment in Microsoft's new semi-annual update schedule, which alternates between major and minor updates every six months, for the life of the product. This Power Pack is considered a "minor" update, and thus contains few new features, instead serving to shore up Home Server's day-to-day performance and forward compatibility.