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The folks over at the Talk About Nseries blog have discovered some leaked photos of new Nokia [NYSE: NOK] Nseries phones in a pretty unlikely place: a Flickr photostream. A user has uploaded detailed images of new N79, N85 and 5800 XpressMedia phones that are detailed and numerous enough to be deemed legitimate, according to several Nokia-specific technology blogs.

The presumed N79 is an entry-level handset with a design that is dissimilar from most phones in the current Nokia lineup. It looks to sport a 2.4-inch screen and a media button that is on the left-hand side, with a traditional keypad and several softkeys. There are few images of this device, probably because the second and third featured in the leak look significantly more promising.

More in fitting with Nokia's current "design language," as the Talk About Nseries bloggers aptly note, the presumed N85 uses the same dual-slider construction as other N95 and N96, as well as dual LEDs which serve as a flash and video light, and a lens protector for the camera lens. Notably absent is the "kick-stand" featured on the N96 that allows the device to stand on its own while its user watches video. Could this be a pared-down version of the video-centric N96, with a lower price point?

The final leaked photos show the 5800 XpressMedia device, also known as the "Tube." Contrary to its title, the Tube is an iPhone-looking touchscreen-based device that features a stylus, three hard keys below the screen, and a 3.2-megapixel camera with dual LED flashes and Carl Zeiss optics. The device likely makes use of Nokia's new S60 touch-based user interface, and seems to sport Vodafone branding, suggesting a release in Europe is planned before one in the States. It seems that Nokia, like Samsung, had its next-generation touch-based device premiered on the most inauspicious of days, with the iPhone 3G announcement taking center stage in today's tech news — albeit accidentally for Nokia.