Steve Job Announces Apple iPhone 3G and New Applications

At Apple’s annual World Wide Developer’s Conference, Steve Jobs announced the new iPhone 3G. It features 3G data speed, GPS support, a better battery, and some design improvements. I would point to the fact the 8 gb model will only cost $199 and the 16 GB for $299 as the most remarkable detail. It will launch July 11 in 22 countries, expanding to 70 countries by the end of the year.

Jobs announced a web-based application named MobileMe, which replaces .Mac. Located at, the site allows management of email, contacts, calendar, photos online. The interface on the site mimics an OS, with double-clicking and even drop-and-drag. It pushes any changes to your iPhone, MacBook, or Mac computer — and your tech will likewise push any changes to There is even iDisk feature so you can share files with people.

Jobs also announced a plethora of new applications for the iPhone. Standouts include an eBay application for auctioning on the go, Loopt for tracking friends via GPS, TypePad for blogging via mobile, or for tracking baseball. There are some general iPhone software improvent — more language, parental controls, even a scientific calculator. Most impressive were the games they displayed for the iPhone including a new Super Monkey Ball game from Sega and an impressive fantasy-action game from Digital Legends Entertainment.

Overall, iPhone users have a lot to look forward to with the apps. And jealous friends of users now have something to buy and brag about.