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Thought Bubbles

There’s been a lot of talk about housing bubbles recently – allegedly caused by various low-cost financial innovations - but I’d like to start a discussion about another kind of bubble that is currently rather boring. Bath bubbles have been around for years but where is the innovation? There isn’t any. Generally speaking they come in one size and one color (clear thru opaque) and frankly I’m rather bored of them. So here’s an idea for the boffins in R&D department at places like Procter & Gamble. Why can’t we have some fun at bath time? Why do toiletries have to be so functional all of the time? Why can’t we have bath bubbles that change color or something? Indeed, why can’t I buy a bottle of bubble bath that creates really enormous blue bubbles or tiny bubbles that come in different colours? We could have caffeinated bubbles to wake you up in the morning or sleepy time bubbles to send you to sleep at night. Come on all you bubble scientists out there how about some new thought bubbles? BTW, this post was inspired a five-year-old who is really serious about bubbles.