• 06.06.08

Work/Life: Hillary and Steroids



  • Okay, I admit the headline on today’s entry could fall underthe category of “bait and switch.” See, I don’t really want to write about Hillary Clinton’s recent defeatat the polls, but there’s so much news about it I figured I would put her namein the subject line as a cheap marketing strategy.  Marketing strategies get talked about a lot on the FC site,so it seemed to be worth trying one of my own.  And, if you’ve got this far, then perhaps it worked, and youare experiencing some curiosity about what Hillary has to do withsteroids.  
  • Well, nothing of course.  I already told you it was an unabashed bit of hype.  However, when I get it into my headthat I just don’t feel like writing about an overexposed topic like thepresidential campaign, my search for interesting things that might be slightlyunder the radar intensifies.  Andso it is that I came across a low-budget documentary that just got releasedcalled “Bigger, Stronger, Faster.” It’s an examination of steroid use in sports and body-building (thefilmmaker uses his own brothers as subjects, who used the drugs to live up tochildhood heroes like Hulk Hogan). In it, an interviewee asks the audience to consider whether or not theywould use an illegal and potentially dangerous drug…if it meant that they couldsupport their family. 
  • The question is fascinating, because it can so easily beapplied, metaphorically, to anything we do to try and increase our performanceand competitiveness out there in the dog east dog world.  The pressure to be “bigger, stronger,faster” is not confined to the world of sports.   I don’t take steroids myself (one look at me and it’spainfully apparent), but I can see that, in the effort to give my family ahalf-decent lifestyle, I’ve been taking metaphorical steroids for years.  Work addiction, negotiations,multi-tasking, and heck, even coffee are all things I inject into my system inorder to keep up with the pace of doing business.  And I often don’t see how these things are impacting meuntil I’m so bulked up on overachieving that I can hardly move.  And it was all so I could hit one outof the park, every single time. And goodness knows what a presidential candidate has to go through tosucceed.  (Hey, I brought it backto Hillary after all.)  
  • Chris Bell, the director of “Bigger, Stronger, Faster,” saidhe used his brothers to tackle the subject of steroid use because he wanted togive an overexposed subject a more personal slant.  So, work/life balance seekers, take note: once again,involving the family proves a very wise decision.