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With less than five days until Apple's [NASDAQ: AAPL] Worldwide Developers' Conference in San Fransisco, Mac fanboys are getting some exciting peaks into the coming announcements. Spy shots taken at the Moscone Center, where the event is to be held, reveal large overhead banners displaying what seems to be a rebranding of OS X as a two-headed platform: one banner reads "OS X iPhone" and the other "OS X Leopard."

More iPhone 2 spy photos have also surfaced, showing what iLounge was told were two — yes, two — new touch screens to be integrated into the new iPhone(s). The two sizes are both smaller than the current iPhone screen at 2.8 and 3.2 inches, which seems like an unlikely step backwards, but the smaller form factor does jive with other rumors that the new iPhone will have a smaller footprint than its predecessor. It also ressurects rumors of the iPhone "nano" that were floating around until this time last year. It's always likely that these two specimen touchscreens are just evidence of more iPhone ripoffs being produced somewhere in China, but then again, no one knows what The Steve has planned.