Technology: Fees, Fuel, and Survival

Terry Trippler is absolutely “right on” in his quote in a recent edition of USA Today in which he says “This isn’t nickel-and-diming. It’s survival.”

Trippler is talking about the American Airlines $15 first-checked-bag fee.

I think flyers are starting to recognize that right now, moves like this one, controversial as it is, are about survival. This fee isn’t about getting extra revenue, but about getting operational revenue.

In fact, Trippler predicts that other airlines will do the same, and then go beyond, such as charging for not just for alcoholic beverages but for things like soda as well.

But how far will consumers’ understanding go?? Where’s the tipping point?

For me the $64,000 question is, are steps like the $15 fee going to be enough? Even with this, are we about to lose any number of airlines?

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