Do what you’re measured on…

“Do what you’re measured on” 


This is a quote from an engineer that I worked with. He focused on his metrics and his metrics alone. He got good raises, and remained gainfully employed until he found another gig that suited him better.  On the surface he was the model employee in that he followed his preordained goals to the letter.   

  • Participate in 2 (minimum) kaizens this year?    “Check”
  • Complete your ECN’s at a 95% on time rate?    “Check”
  • Re-engineer 1 product to improve quality, cost and assembly time?    “Check”
  • Give a sales demonstration to improve your communication skills? “Check”

I could go on and on….and the answer would always be a resounding “Check!!!” What do you do with an employee like this? Promote him? Give him his yearly raise? A pat on the back? 

Actually, I think you give him all of the above…but as a good manager that is striving for excellence in his department, you turn around and challenge him.  

Look closely at the “Goals and Objectives” of each employee. Don’t be scared to add an initiative that they may not have heard of or would even expect to see on their personal reviews.  

How about… 

“Life Long Learning” – Instill in them a desire to improve their capabilities every year! Make it crystal clear that just meeting the metrics is not enough. How about a goal that drives an employee to not only take a class or seminar but to apply it to his job. Show that he learned something and that the company did not waste its money on sending him to class.  

Just my thoughts….enjoy the caffeine!