WWBGD- What Would Bill Gates Do?

In the past my articles have been centered around technology, products and applications used within the business world. This weeks entry is a bit different. My friend and business partner at Odyssey Consulting Group, Daniel Egan has a once in a lifetime opportunity this week. To be one of fifteen people who get to have lunch with Bill Gates.

He found out last week and called me directly. After the initial excitement died down, I posed a simple yet poignant question to him. “You have this amazing opportunity to meet a true pioneer in the technology and computer industry, a world class humanitarian, and the third richest man in the world. What question will you ask him?”

He stopped dead in his tracks and realized he had no idea.

So, my Fast Company readers, if faced with the same opportunity, what question would you ask Mr.Gates? Would it be about a Microsoft product? His long battles with Apple, Intel and the EU? The future of Windows, Cloud Computing and WiMax? His work with, RED, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation? Perhaps what it’s like to have Bono and Al Gore as friends? Maybe ask why he drives a Saturn when he could own any car on the planet? What would you ask?

Post your questions below. The best question will get asked and your answer will be posted below. I am very serious. I will post a photo of Daniel and Bill next week from their lunch.

I look forward to your ideas and suggestions.SLR