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With the astounding success of the Flip Ultra, a miniature, bare bones camcorder that retails for under $150, RCA [NASDAQ: VOXX] is feeling pressure to compete. To do that, they're refreshing their line of Small Wonder mini-camcorders, in the hopes of capturing some of the niche that Flip has so cunningly cornered. The new, improved Small Wonder cams will feature better video quality, more storage and different skins, but will lack a rechargable battery. There will be three models, all perhaps as poorly named as the series itself: The MyLife, the Pocket and the Traveler. While those titles don't really suggest any hierarchy, it goes something like this: the Traveler is probably the best of the group, featuring water resistant casing and shock-proof battery contacts, though it doesn't have a flip out screen. Below it is the Pocket, followed by the MyLife, in order of storage space. They will retail for $150, $100 and $90 respectively.

Interestingly, the Small Wonder cams will be comparatively full-featured when side-by-side with their competitors. The Flip Ultra, for example, has managed to outsell not only the original Small Wonders but the Creative Vado, both of which are arguably better camcorders. RCA has its work cut out for it, however, even with its refresh of the Small Wonders; the new Flip Mino is rumored to be even more compact and slick than its predecessor.