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Networking Social

Design conferences are enjoyable and effective venues for networking. It was great  to catch up with old friends and colleauges at the IIT strategy conference in Chicago recently. The conversations and presentations centered mostly around future strategies for design thinking Two words kept popping up. "networking" and "social", or perhaps more acurately "societal".

To be clear, not so much conversations around the idea of "social networks", although that did come up quite alot, rather as two seperate ideas serving as drivers for moving the profession forward. Networking and Society connected by idea that we all will interact in yet unaticipated ways and those answers are what will have the most impact, the most meaning.

Stated best perhaps by USC Scholar, John Seely Brown (who kicked things off), "the idea that we used to be defined by what we wore on our wrist or drove, being replaced by,..we are what we create and the network of influence it has. Combine that with the powerful idea of "society as customer" (as opposed to individuals) interesting new thinking around the idea of "design thinking" to ponder.