The Startup Cowboy

Picture it- Wide open spaces, high rising mountains, and a social media startup smack dab in the middle of Cowboy Country.

Picture it- Wide open spaces, high rising mountains, and a social media startup smack dab in the middle of Cowboy Country. It sounds like a skit on the Daily Show, but it’s actually what I’m attempting to do in the next few weeks.


Get Along Little Doggies

Historically, Wyoming has not been a hotbed of media and technology companies. We have more deer and antelope than people and the closest thing to social media is still the CB Radio. VC here is a guy who buys a bunch of cattle and tech support is the local Radio Shack. Maybe this will put it in perspective: We don’t have iPhones, because they’re not available here. Truth is though, we like it that way and it’s why I choose to live here.

With a solid internet connection and an tiny airport, I believe you can do most anything that my big city counterparts can. Granted, traveling to conferences and meetings is a bit more complicated, but the return is maintaining the lifestyle my wife and I cherish.

A few years ago I decided to forgo my career as a television news anchor/reporter and make the leap into marketing and PR for an innovative company in the outdoor industry. My family thought I was nuts, as they viewed being on tv as the pinnacle of success, but they supported the decision and know that I’m better for it today. So, that brings me to the next step- launching an internet startup from the middle of America.

Social Media Savor

Getting more dialed-in to what’s happening with the PR and media industries allowed me to not only observe, but take part in the conversation and interact with like-minded people something that was previously impossible for me to do offline. I solicited feedback and threw out ideas for how we, as a whole, can take our professions to the next level. I like to call it The Social Media PR Revolution for the sake of having a battle-cry to rally around. If it wasn’t for social media, I wouldn’t be able to develop my startup to its full potential as quickly or efficiently.

Social Media Promotion

The busiest people in marketing these days are the ones discovering and experimenting with Twitter, FriendFeed and social networks like Facebook and those on Ning among others. They’re finding ways to incorporate their brands, their clients and themselves into the fold. This is why I’m relying on social media marketing to launch my brand. I’m convinced this is the future of media, at least in some form, and will be the avenue for my message.

Through our growing community of pros on PitchEngine, I’ve heard some of the most inspirational talk and ideas. The long and short of it is, social media has brought new vigor and emotion to their professions. Some people are leaders, some are followers and some are still trying to figure it all out. That’s what’s so beautiful about the whole thing- We’re all encouraged by what we see and we are relying on each other to bring tools to the table to make it better.


So what’s my startup?

It’s nearly time to spring the lid off the future of PitchEngine, but for now I must maintain my composure and keep it underwraps. While it’s a promising social media world, it’s also a competitive one. If you’re one of my media friends who would like a little more info we can certainly talk embargo until it drops- Which is very soon.

What do you think- Can a social media startup come from Cowboy Country?

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