Notice of a Scam Site Called “Helium”

Hanh mitakuyapi.
Last winter, I found a writers’ site on the web called “Helium”. According to their hype, people write, peers judge the writing, the writers earn money. Turns out it’s a lie.
I just got scammed $194.00 by this site.. No reason, and not even good excuses from them.. The emails state in no uncertain terms, “Your current earnings are: “. In my case, the total came to $194.
When I requested payment, they hemmed and hawed, and ultimately, refused to pay me. Don’t sucker for these charlatans, takoszja.. Don’t write for them expecting to be paid.
Their ‘word’ is worth the paper it’s not printed on – the web being, in the long run, “virtual”, not “real”.. Hm – like their word.
Hechetu ye.CTE