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This week Samsung will announce the world's largest LCD television, coming in at 82 inches, with a resolution of 3,840 by 2,160 pixels at a 120Hz refresh rate (known as a "2160p" rating). This level of clarity qualifies it as an "ultra high definition" display, and its impressive picture quality will be bolstered by a red/green/blue LED backlight that will raise true color saturation to 150 percent. This HDTV tops the former record-holder for World's Largest by a sizable margin; the title once belonged to a 65-inch LCD TV made by Sharp. The HDTV will not go into production for another 18 months, and no suggested retail price was announced. It is worth noting that no domestic television provider offers broadcast in ultra high definition, though there are rumors UHD broadcast is under testing in Japan.

Alongside its massive television, Samsung will also announce an 82-inch LCD multi-touch "e-board", which is designed to replace whiteboards and conventional projectors. While it retains the resolution of its twin, the television, it will run at 60Hz. To accompany these two announcements, Samsung is also launching a multi-view digital information display, or DID, which will allow viewers to perceive objects in three dimensions without the need for special goggles or glasses.