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Lock-maker Schlage announced a new line of products today under the Z-Wave moniker that will feature wireless, Internet-enabled door locks that can be locked, unlocked and monitored from anywhere using a PC, cell phone, or any other Internet-enabled device. The company, which is owned by Ingersoll Rand, bases the Z-Wave devices on its current crop of keypad locks. The new locks are battery-powered and use radio frequency technology to connect to a nearby gateway device. In turn, it connects to any broadband router. By accessing this gateway device via the Internet, users can remotely lock or unlock the doors; see who has come and gone, and when; schedule notification of visitors; and create and disable unlock codes. Each gateway can accommodate over 250 locks, which means even large homes and compounds will benefit from the technology.

Since RF communications require little power, the internal batteries can last up to three years, but company officials reported that no other RF functionality – say, the use of RF-enabled key fobs to unlock doors – will be included with Z-Wave locks. It is also worth noting that Ingersoll Rand also owns Kryptonite bicycle locks, opening the door for Web enabled bike locks as well.