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Leave it to the FCC to out any company's best-kept secrets.

Today the commission released photos and the description of a new Bluetooth headset being introduced by Philips (NYSE: PHG), that the company claims is "designed by women, for women." What's interesting isn't the device's specifications – according to the manual, they're pretty standard – but the fact that it's covered in Swarovski crystals (that's precision-cut lead crystal glass).

The headset is called the Breeze, and it will come in two colors, black and white, both crystal-covered. The Breeze will be controllable via three buttons: a volume control button, a pairing button and a "multifunction crystal button." The headset will also feature the standard status LED light and USB port for charging, as well as three different sizes of earbuds, to best fit your bejeweled ear canal. Or, if you prefer a less tech-nerd look, the Breeze can be worn as a pendant on a special included necklace.