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It's hard to make news with headphones, but Panasonic (NYSE: MC) has made its best effort yet. Its new RP-HJE900 will use pieces of cubic zirconia – the stuff used to make passable faux diamonds – inside its assembly to suppress sound distortion. No word from Panasonic on the science behind that claim, but the rest of the stats on these earbuds are impressive without the fake diamonds inside: a sound pressure sensitivity of around 100dB/mW, with a broad frequency response of 6Hz–28 Khz. A final perk: the earbuds are detachable from their wires (think snag-proof Xbox controller) so that if you catch them on something, you don't risk ripping apart your new high-tech 'buds. The RP-HJE900's will appear in the Japanese market on June 15th, but Panasonic has yet to announce a price point or a date of availability for the US.