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If you have not had the opportunity to see The Matrix, you should go rent it and watch it a few times. Besides being just another sci-fi flick, The Matrix has a deeper meaning that can be directly applied to sales. I had a Matrix moment at work today.

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Take the Red Pill.

Do you believe you are a better than average sales person? Have you just been waiting for that moment to present itself to be a superstar? Stop waiting. Anyone that tells you that ‘opportunity knocks’ is lying to you. Opportunity comes to the person who makes the effort to be better. No MBA program is going to knock on your door, you need to apply and attend. Chances are no major revenue event is going to drop on your desk, you need to look for it. Some people call it drinking the koolaid, but regardless you should do it.

Once you buy in that you can be better and start behaving like a rockstar sales professional, the results will come. Sometimes in weeks sometimes in a few months but if you stay consistent taking the Red Pill will open your eyes to a world of possibilities you had been overlooking or neglecting for a long time.

Know thy Self

There is a scene in the movie where Neo the main character played by Keanu Reeves meets the Oracle for the first time. She asks Neo if he is the one that is going to save the world. Not knowing how to answer the question and being skeptical himself, he says ‘No’. The truth is that he IS but the deeper meaning is that if Neo does not believe he is the one, then he will never be.

As a professional sales person you should know yourself. What are your weaknesses? What are your strengths? Only you know for sure. If you want to go from good to great, you must believe in yourself and act accordingly. Focus on your strengths and drive full force forward. If you believe you can then you will. As long as you hold some credibility with your managers and peers you should be comfortable sharing ideas on what is going to make things better and produce more revenue. Identify the issues facing you and your sales group and step up to fix them. Part of those issues for my team can be explained in the blog The Straight Line by Brian Berlin.

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Be the one

Just as in my previous Boiler Room: Lessons in sales post you need to ‘act as if’. Work like you are the top dog that you know you are. If people haven’t noticed your potential yet, they will very soon. Being the one is based on your ability to be and act like a leader. Leadership is one key trait that you must learn to master. It is a process and you will make mistakes. Don’t lose heart, drive on and learn from them.

What other correlations can be made between The Matrix and sales?