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I recently read an article on written by Nicole Wallace that had some exciting news in it for small business owners that would like to let their customers know about their philanthropic giving, while really impacting their fellow entrepreneurs in developing nations.  Advanta, "one of the largest credit card issuers in the small business market." has partnered with a very interesting organization by the name of Kiva.  Briefly, Kiva is a charity based out of San Francisco that connects investors with entrepreneurs in developing countries.  Through Kiva investors can make loans directly to these entrepreneurs.  Advanta has partnered with Kiva in its Business for Business Project, or KivaB4B.  Advanta will match the loan their card holders make with their Advanta card, dollar for dollar, up to $200 per month. But not only do you get the satisfaction of doing a good deed, and having it matched, but Advanta also ensures that your good deed will not go unnoticed.  Advanta will provide it's customers with a KivaB4B button for their website, stickers for their storefront, and postcards to mail to customers.

"It’s almost cause-related marketing for small business owners and entrepreneurs," says Ami Kassar, chief innovation officer at Advanta, in Spring House, Pa.   (Learn more here)