PR and Media Crave Change

If there was ever a sign that PR and media are seeking change I think PitchEngine is a good barometer.

If there was ever a sign that PR and media are seeking change I think PitchEngine is a good barometer. In just 30 days our network is approaching 100 members and has been referenced around the web as an up-and-coming resource in the Social Media PR Revolution.


The diversity of members is staggering. Professionals from television, print and online media as well as marketing, PR and technology pros are following the conversations and sharing how they are integrating social media into their efforts, now. Why the diversity? Because social media is impacting everyone involved in media and the better each of us understand how to approach each other effectively and ethically, the better the industry will be for it.

The thought leaders I reference routinely (Todd Defren, Brian Solis, Chris Brogan, Stowe Boyd, to name a few) provide excellent insight and creative ideas about social media and I will continue to provide and share their thoughts. Our goal however, is to present the huge influx of social media information in a way that relates to each of you respectively. How does it relate to PR specifically? Does the media community think this is good or bad from their perspective? These are all things I consider before posting on PitchEngine.

In the coming months we’re going to provide a platform for understanding and implementing more tools into media and PR. We’re also planning to officially launch our own web-app that will allow each of you better access and implementation of social media tools for the PR process. Stay tuned on that one.

The support and feedback is encouraging and I plan to keep plugging away at sharing what I learn from my own experience and from what my friends and colleagues are doing to embrace new media. The more support and insight you provide from your individual experiences, the more influence we’ll have as a collective to make change happen.

Keep up the momentum. Big change is coming.

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