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Guest stars on major primetime television programs are old hat. But there is a new trend: fallen Hollywood starlets trying to reignite their careers through a new (and still A-list) method.

While rehab is the new spa, "it-girls" aren’t having the best of luck getting work when released back into the world. Reality shows would drop them to the D-list immediately, and based on their irresponsible and tabloid-ridden reputations, movie studios won’t hire them.

Being a pop star these days is essentially being a brand, and that brand is in jeopardy when one suffers public embarrassment. So how are these twenty-somethings just out of rehab supposed to regain their star-studded status?

Example A
: Britney Spears. Once America’s pop music princess ruling over an empire of music, film and endorsement deals, she has fallen beyond far from grace. After a few trips to rehab (but still managing to avoid the DUI trend common among Hollywood’s girls-gone-wild), and getting rid of the people who were bad influences in her life, Spears is on the road to recovery. Slumping to the pitfall of even losing custody of her children based on her antics displayed on every cover in magazine stands, Spears will have to pull all the stops to get back on top. She needs more than just releasing another album (Her most recent release, Blackout, despite being her most critically-acclaimed album, hasn’t helped her). A complete image and brand makeover was needed. The answer was to get into American lives at home. Thanks to a couple of well-received guest spots on CBS’ How I Met Your Mother, Americans are starting to remember the bubbly songstress they fell in love with almost a decade ago. It’s a small step, for sure, but a solid one in the right direction.

Example B
: Lindsay Lohan. It’s hard to begin where this actress went wrong. One can hardly remember the solid comedic performance she delivered in Mean Girls. Lohan once had it all: she was a successful actress and even released a few albums, but has now gained the reputation of being a heavy partier and irresponsible on-set. Now a free woman again after two stints in rehab (in particular, the newest Hollywood hot rehab spot, Cirque Lodge, in Utah), Lohan is trying to regain her career as well. Not being able to get the A-list roles she once was sought out for, Lohan has to carefully plan out her next move. The wrong decision would be for her to join her mother and sister on their upcoming E! reality show, Living Lohan. Her best decision as of yet was to sign on for a recurring guest role on ABC’s darling show, Ugly Betty. While she only appeared for barely over 60 seconds on last night’s season finale as a high school classmate of the title character, Lohan has signed on for at least six episodes, with the rumor mill hinting at a possible permanent spot. With even just a small role on a hit television show, Lohan has the potential to regain her A-list status and remodel her reputation.