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For a long time I've wondered if a four-day work week would be better for business. Would employees be more energized? How much money would they save from one less day of commuting and eating lunch out? And how would businesses perform? How much money would a company save with an office being dark one extra day a week? Or temps and freelancers working one less day per week?

We can all find out. I challenge everyone to keep track of personal expenses this coming Memorial Day week. You can then notice your savings. By working nine hours each day instead of eight, I bet there wouldn't even be much loss in productivity. You can also talk to your office manager today and ask them to track expenditures next week. And if your managers track temps and other expenses, your company could see what effect a four-day work week has on operating costs.

With gasoline hitting $4.00 per gallon and analysts saying $5 and $6 gallons are just around the corner, isn't it time to seriously consider the four-day work week?