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Tragedy? Or Relief?

If I don't get a lot of negative feedback from this post, I will be most surprised, because I'm going to address the current attitude that death - especially of many people at a time - is somehow "a problem" or "a tragedy". Given that our Holy Mother the Earth currently has something like 6.5 BILLION people feeding from her right now, and She was only built to take care of about 3 Billion "maximum", death of large numbers of people, such as from the storm in Myanmar and the quake in China ARE NOT "tragedys", THEY ARE RELIEFS - from the stresses of over-population for all concerned. We need more of them. I can hear the knee-jerk reactionaries now, gasping something like, "so why don't you die and make room for one more?" The main answer is, "because the spirits have told me it isn't my Time yet". I have made plans not to fight my Time when it does come.. in fact, I wear medical jewelry that reads, "NO resuscitate; NO life support; NO autopsy / embalming" on one side; and on the other are three phone numbers to call. Those people have accepted the responsibility of making sure there are NO heroics performed on my body to try to keep "me" tied to it in some kind of living hell; and then to proceed with my wishes as given in my Will. I've been there before; I did NOT appreciate the heroics done without my permission; the long recoveries involved tremendous pain, expense and inconvenience; I'm not going to allow it again. This is what 'responsiblity' is about. Since I am the woman who Dances The Four Winds - which is a prayer to heal the sacred hoop of the world - I am best qualified to know these things, and it is my responsibility to say them. When my Ina (ee-NAH, mother) began telling everyone she wanted to go home to the spirit world, we all told her we wished she'd stay. But over time, I came to see how tired she was, and how frustrated by her mounting inabilities. Eventually, I prayed for easy transitions for her and all of us who love her. She went quickly, and while I - and all of us - still miss her, I know she's better off where she is than she was here. Now we are facing global warming, massive weather changes, starvation from a number of factors, and a general upheaval of the world 'order'. Much of it appears to have been brought on by the selfish activities of humans. Combine (compare?) this with the Mayan calendar, with its periodicity of roughly 28,000 years, which predicts exactly what the world has gone through and is going through now - and will go through more in the coming years - and the geologic calendar, which has similar coincidences; and the deaths due to storms and quakes are not tragedies for those who died, they are pressure reliefs for those who remain, whether they realize it or like it or not. The fact remains, you cannot put a quart in a pint bottle. Both the geologic and the Mayan calendars predict the end of the world "as we know it" in about 2011. The Prophecies of my People predict it in 2012 - 2013, as I read them. Personally, I'd rather have read the book or watched the movie about it, but in fact, I doubt any of us will have that option. It's going to be an interesting 'next few years'.. as in the oriental curse, "may you live in interesting times". Given the age of the oriental civilizations, maybe they've been trying to tell the current majority culture something - and as usual, its members have not been paying attention. I'd sure like to be wrong about all of this.. but the pragmatist in me says, "not likely". Shuckey-darn.