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Hi All:

What features would you like to see on the Fast Company Dot Com website?

  • Board Folders covering all topics in what C-serve calls forums. Folders’ categories are hyperlinked. Under each board folder is listed the total number of messages and the time of the last posting.
  • A Digest of what is available including the topic name, msg subject header, number of views, name of last poster and date.
  • A very understandable individual listing style of each message including its numerical position in the thread, ie. 2 of 21, date and time posted, poster’s name, who replying to and a number coding that can be used as part of a sophisticated bulletin board search.
  • Visual Map In Tree Form – see who responded to whom with date and time.
  • A Leader Board – called "Top Contributors In This Forum" on SM BZ– changes based on what topic area was being viewed.
  • Most Recent Post – some forum bulletin boards have graphic icons to indicate particularly active topics, questions answered, updated since last visit. SM BZ has a legend with icons.
  • Tagging – on Small BZ this is called "What Members Are Talking About"
  • Filtering – Allows for narrowing of search via drop menu and sometimes includes number of listings per page.
  • Fast Search – see Compuserve example. Should be key word at least and should search current and archived posts.
  • Track back – useful when FC posts are added to blogs and bulleting boards outside of the FC website. Also applies to posts added from other web sources.
  • RSS
  • Open ID
  • Share - via e-Mail


Set Up of clearly defined category areas.Simple instructions as how to post, add a new topic to and netiquette-type rules.


Digest of What’s Is Available In Each Folder –

Msgs names are hyperlinked as are the number of postings, and the name of the poster