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In this continuing series, I am covering how you can become not only the best blogger you can be, but also how to become recognized in your field and thus adequately compensated. The first two installments covered tactics - commenting and optimizing for search - but in this third post, I am making it more personal.

There are traits that are uniquely ideal for blogging. I believe the most important of these traits is curiosity.

But how can something as abstract as curiosity lead to concrete blogging results, nay success? What are the benefits of curiosity? I’ve gathered some of the best comments on this topic and I hope it proves enlightening. (If so, please feel free to comment below and subscribe to be notified of future posts on the subject.)

The Pain of Not Knowing

Curiosity is arguably caused by the pain - or perhaps frustration - of a gap in knowledge. Most of us have experienced this condition in acute or chronic form.

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