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HumanSigma Ideation™

HumanSigma Ideation™


When an organization doesn’t meet the stakeholders’ needs and expectations, the cause is rarely a misguided posture, purpose, and alignment of strategy or vision.Instead, underperformance is more often the result of a misalignment of the organization’s strategy and its many complexes and interacting parts.

To address such situations, The Bison Group’s “HumanSigma Ideation” platform integrates learning models to helps organizations with their HR functions and designs, based on market economics and customized to deliver against stakeholder expectations, customer needs, and the relationships among the constituencies in the organization’s extended enterprise. 

Tailored to meet an organization’s particular situation (people and systems), a Refreshed Operating Model typically includes any or all of the following elements: 

  • Enterprise People Solutions – Relationship Management Platform for allocating scarce resources to align people processes to organizational goals
  • Organizational Execution (OrgEx) modeling used within change management processes in developing the learning organization and great teams
  • A team maneuvers framework that clearly identifies and motivates individuals to work, individually and together, toward strategic objectives
  • Profit-accountable business units formed around distinct value propositions
  • Supply Chain Management that delivers a combination of innovative strategies with practical know-how to help organizations design, build, and operate new system models to dramatically improve competitive advantage
  • Support services based on market models to serve internal clients responsively and competitively
  • Innovative and strategically focused leadership teams
  • Strategic-Execution that provides continuous exploration in new sources of shareholder value by delivering products and services more effectively and efficiently  
  • Alliances and partnerships – Enterprise Resource Planning with best-in-class providers to leverage scale, access expertise, and increase flexibility within people and organizational platforms
  • Linkages among organizational elements that measure, inform, and motivate them to effectively work together to execute the firm’s strategy – positive organizational behavior and transformational leadership  

The Organizational Breakthrough TTI Simulation Experience 

Learn about the OrgEx DNA Instrument™, a powerful web-based instrument and simulation for executives to experiment with decisions and view the resulting impact to their organizations. The power behind the simulation lies in empirical relationships identified in 100,000 observations from over 1,000 organizations, which reliably predict outcomes that apply to their own organizational environment.   


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