Nonsense At Work

Positions must be filled:

Do you fill your current position?

When a company needs more people to get the work done, it announces that it has positions that must be filled. If you have a job, then answer this: Do you or don’t you fill the position you’re in?

Some people more than fill the position – these people are soon promoted or move on to something bigger. Some people fill it exactly – and stay where they are. Some people don’t quite fill it and if they don’t develop into it, they are soon asked to empty it completely for someone new who might fill it better.

If you like your job, then fill it exactly and you will keep it. If you want more, then more than fill it so that you expand into something bigger. If you don’t really want it, then don’t really fill it and it wont be yours for long.

Whatever you decide, positions must be filled.JM