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Mobile marketing is really starting to hit the radar screens of businesses and marketing professionals in the U.S. now. But not many businesses know where to start. Here is a quick run down of the five steps to creating a dynaminc mobile marketing campaign.

Step One
Figure out what your target market wants and provide it to them.

Because mobile marketing is permission based (you have to get the customers' to decide to opt in to participate in your campaign) it is critical that you have a mobile campaign that is something your customers want.

Provide a specific value to them: location-based information, financial incentive, connection, entertainment, timely knowledge or make their life easier in some way.

Step Two
Align what your target market wants with your desired outcome.

Just because you have to provide value to your customers doesn't mean it won't give you the return on investment you require. You can get new customers with mobile, increase sales from current customers and even use it to retain customers.

Decide what you what to achieve with your mobile campaign and build it around that.

Step Three
Choose the right mobile marketing tool for this campaign.

One of the biggest decisions you'll make is what tool to use to reach out to your customers with mobile. You can build a mobile web presence, launch a text messaging campaign, reach out to customers with permission based proximity marketing (Bluetooth), tacke mobile advertising or even utilize mobile social networking.

The key is to match what your customers want with the tool that will provide them what they are looking for; always keep the customers' needs in mind.


Step Four
Launch your mobile marketing campaign and market it.

Just because you have a mobile marketing campaign going doesn't mean anyone will participate. You will need to proactively promote your mobile campaign by integrating it into all your other marketing efforts. The great thing about this is that it will actually increase your response from these other marketing tools.


Step Five
Track what is working and make any necessary adjustments.

Mobile is highly trackable and there are tools available that will help you analyze your data to ensure your campaign is working. Keep in mind the tools you count on for desktop website analysis really won't work in mobile. You'll need to use mobile specific tools.


Kim Dushinsk is the author of the upcoming book, The Mobile Marketing Handbook, and the creator of the Mobile Marketing Launch Kit, which helps businesses get started in mobile marketing. She blogs at and is also a mobile website reviewer for MobileMarketingWatch.