Encouraging Readers to Generate Content

For about six months, I’ve been happily participating in the Beauty Cred blog on Seattle-based, a site on which readers and professionals talk about beauty treatments and cosmetics.

While we have great traffic to the site, we wish we could get more readers to participate. They come to read the reviews of others, perhaps to get an answer from an expert, or to find out what the aggregate of our readers thinks about certain procedures. Naturally, if the number of reviewers is higher, the percentage values become more accurate. “72% thought a treatment was worth it” is a more trustworthy assessment if a thousand people rated the procedure than if onlly 10 people did.

So we have launched a campaign with the cheerful little moniker of “WIWI,” which stands for “Was It Worth It.”

We did this because we want people to comment on their experience with common treatments like Invisalign, Lasik, Intense Pulsed Light skin treatments, so we can share the information with others who are thinking of having these treatments.

You can write a review here.FH