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Next week, on May 20th and 21st, will hold its first conference – Mediabistro Circus.

"Most conferences are dry and boring. That's why we're calling ours a circus," says founder Laurel Touby.

A gathering for creative content producers that is aimed at senior-level professionals, the 2-day event will include sessions on mobile technology, online video, social networking, blogging, digital publishing, and user experience design.

The "circus" features an impressive roster of Web 2.0 staples: Robert Scoble, tech blogger and Managing Director for FastCompany.TV; Ben Edwards, publisher of the; Elisa Camahort, Cofounder of Blogher; Steve Rubel, senior vice president at Edelman; Eric Hellweg, Editorial Managing Director,; Chris Anderson, Editor-In-Chief, Wired Magazine, and more.

Events include:

Publishing: From Print to Digital — Jim Daly and Cal Joy of Edutopia are slated to discuss the successful transition their magazine has made to an online publication; Ben Edwards will discuss upcoming online strategies for The Economist; and Paul Cloutier, head of 8020 Publishing, will talk about community-created magazines.

Blogging: Anil Dash is slated to talk about community platforms in blogging; Elisa Camahort Page will discuss leveraging the power of social media, and how companies can empower people through blogs; Eric Hellweg will talk about Harvard Business Review's newly developed blog network; and Noah Shachtman will describe his journey from "blogging in the basement" to his current editorial beat.

Video: Jim Louderback, Robert Scoble, and Dina Kaplan will present their perspectives about the future of online video. They will discuss different types of production styles and also talk about how companies can make the most of distributing content online.

Social Media: What does it take to build and maintain a successful social community site, and is it worth it? Kate Everett Thorp of Real Girls Media, Shwan Gold of Social Approach, Steve Rubel of Edelman PR and author Steve Johnson will discuss the diverse ways that social media is evolving, and what it means for businesses and their brands.

Keynote with Jim Roberts: Jim Roberts will lead a discussion with the NYT digital team about bringing the newspaper online, and focus on the current coverage of the election - political journalism in the digital age.