Scammers pretending to give your stimulus check–Nasty!

Watch out for these snakes! Some people have no ethics at all.

I got an email this morning that purported to be from the IRS. The subject was “2008 Economic Stimulus Refund. [Scanned]”

And it started like this:

Over 130 million Americans will receive refunds as
part of The White House program to jumpstart the economy.

Our records indicate that you are qualified to receive the
2008 Economic Stimulus Refund.

The fastest and easiest way to receive your refund is by
direct deposit to your checking/savings account.

Please follow the link…

And ended with *a numeric URL*!

I don’t bother to report most phishing scams–I get a dozen or so
every day) but this one, I forwarded to the IRS. Unfortunately, it