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Hillary Clinton waged a negative campaign and it sounds like John McCain is getting bankrolled to do the same thing. Barack Obama can be occasionally pulled down to that level, but clearly he doesn't like to engage in dirty or negative politics.

Is the guy chicken? Is he afraid to engage in a knock down drag out battle? Or is something else going on?

I choose to believe the latter. I choose to believe that Obama knows that people who throw stones do live in glass houses and when people wage negative campaigns it is more often motivated by a desire to draw potential voters away from the scent of their own misdeeds and send them on a wild goose chase into the foibles and human shortcomings of their opponents.

If you haven't noticed, Americans and especially "baby boomers" don't age gracefully or graciously. They have trouble realizing it is no longer their turn and that it is time to pass the baton to the next generation(s), wish them well, help them if they ask for it, and then stay out of their way.

Instead, they marry younger women, have (too much) plastic surgery, live vicarious through their children (using them to get the extra scoop of ice cream that they feel they didn't get and were entitled to) and in many other ways "Rage against the dawn" instead of going "gently into that good night."

Obama represents the next generations' hopefulness about focusing on what is possible and what can be built together through cooperation and synergy now that the world is flat and we are more global than ever in the history of the world. He represents the desire to turn away from the "zero sum" mentality of older generations, and turf wars between Democrats and Republicans more concerned with staying in office than in truly serving the people who elected them.

I am a baby boomer, and don't particularly like aging and don't particularly like letting go of power and influence. Fortunately I like even less desperately and bitterly holding on to something that rightfully belongs to the next generation and the future.

Are you listening Hillary Clinton and John McCain…and Congress?