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Work/Life: Warning to Workaholics: Facebook Is Waiting To Bust You



  • The call went out to Facebook users in Leeds, England, and350 of them responded.  Summoned byan impromptu posting on the social networking Web site, the 350 showed up at anaward-winning outdoor garden park with water pistols, buckets and, presumably,plenty of uncaring spirit, and proceeded to trash the place.   Videos of the destruction havebeen posted on both Facebook and YouTube. 
  • Well, I’m always looking for the silver lining in the stormcloud, and what I see here is the enormous potential of Facebook to selectsomething to mess with, and instantly organize people around a commongoal.  Just think what this coulddo for work/life violations! 
  • The daughter of an overworked businessman is late for soccerpractice because her oblivious businessman of a father has forgotten it’s histurn to drive her there.  A quickvisit to Facebook, an e-mail blast goes out to thousands, and within tenminutes a couple of hundred teenagers have stormed Dad’s office building,working up a smash mix on some turntables and skateboarding in the atrium untilthe old man gets his butt out of the corner office and goes to where he isneeded. 
  • A beleaguered husband, fed up with his workaholic wife’sthird speaking engagement in one week, hops onto Facebook and invites theentire population of Naples, Florida (the location of his wife’s leadershipconference) to show up at the keynote event wearing nothing but pasties andlederhosen.  Bonus Internetcredibility if they also bend at the knees while singing “I Feel Pretty.” 
  • Or, a long-suffering wife gets someone in her Facebookentourage to pose as a potential business client for her spouse, except when heshows up to the function room at the local Holiday Inn, it’s for a women’s bookgroup that begins with a ritual four-hour marathon of Oprah on Tivo. 
  • Nothing can turn unsatisfactory behavior around like publichumiliation, and the Internet is already full of videos of idiots sliding downramps into wading pools, or overweight people falling on their butts whileattempting some overly-ambitious stunt with a Vespa.  It’s time to start posting the everyday transgressions, likeclueless behavior towards those you love, that are not only more annoying, butcan, potentially, do more lasting damage. So be careful, work-obsessed drones: Facebook is well-positioned in themarketplace…to finally bring you down.