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Fast Cities 2008

The great urban theorist Jane Jacobs wrote about cities of "exuberant diversity," and in our 2008 Cities of the Year, Chicago and London, we have two stellar examples. They — and our 12 cities to watch — are no utopias (we're still looking). But amid economic uncertainty, they're vibrant, creative, and growing. These hot spots, these Fast Cities, are full of life and bursting with diversity — in race, in culture, and in business. Join us for a tour.

U.S. City of the Year: Chicago

Skyscrapers, green roofs, and house music — a very American metropolis.

Chicago is the Creative Capital of the Universe. Discuss.

The city's elite talk about why their city is fast.

Chicago is Fast Company's U.S. City of the Year. Here's some information about the metropolitan hub that may surprise you.

Leading Chicago business people and artisans weigh in on the pressing question, "Is Chicago the creative capital of the Universe?"

You can see it in their stats and in their cityscapes: These 12 Fast Cities around the globe are thriving. We’ll be watching these nodes of creativity and innovation this year and beyond — we’re expecting big business and big things.

These 12 Fast Cities around the globe are bubbling up. We'll be watching these nodes of creativity and innovation this year and beyond.

Interactive Map: 12 Cities on the Verge

Interact with 12 growth points — cities on the verge of becoming some of the fastest cities in the world.

Podcast: What Makes a City Fast?

Behind the cover with Fast Company senior editor Jeff Chu on the process of creating Fast Cities 2008. Here we learn what makes a city fast — and what fast means anyway.

Global City of the Year: London

Where one of every eight works in a creative industry.

London is Fast Company's Global City of the Year. Here are some interesting facts about the historic city.


More of Chicago’s top business executives and creatives weigh in on why this city is fast.