advertisement Books its First Revenue

It’s always a great moment when a company gets its first customer. When launched, advertisers lined up to advertise on the site — in the future.  We’re talking big advertisers here, who buy on reach and frequency and CPM.

They have promised to advertise, when the traffic grows to the point where it will be worth their budgets. And that, of course, does not happen overnight.  Which is why most companies with an advertising model knock themselves out to get eyeballs, or page views, or click throughs, or whatever the current unit of measurement of the moment is.

But in the meantime, EmpowHer, which is self-funded, is producing high quality, kick-butt content both by and for women who need trusted health advice. There are two words on the landing page: ASK and SHARE. The founder, my friend Michelle Robson (who has turned her health advocacy from a passion into a product), believes women need a safe space to ask their questions and share their stories.  That’s all.

But she has assembled very high quality video from medical experts who answer the questions women ask most often. And this video production capability turns out to be worth $35k a month!

That rocks. Yes, video production is not their core business.  But revenue is revenue, and the market is asking for these services and willing to pay for them. Michelle will actually get paid to produce the content she wants to produce anyway!

Gotta hand it to her.  She’s a scrappy woman, in the best senses of the word. I’m very excited for her this morning. FH