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  Or - It Ain't Necessarily So....  that the cost rises we have seen of recent times weren't planned far in advance of their occurrence.  Huh?!? you say..  There's a plan behind this?  You betcha, takoszja!  It has been in existence for at least 20 years. 

  How do I know this?  Because in the earlly 1980's, I spend about 3.5 years working around D.C. for high government officials. I had a pretty high security clearance and I had a lot of friends who were seriously frustrated with the status quo 'then'.  Back then, at least, hard copies of nearly everything were made.  And some of them were kept in a series of very fat blue loose-leaf binders and stored in a secure facility.  I was privy to read some of what was in those binders.

  Security clearances being what they are, the "rule" is, you might tell the story, but no particulars such as place, name(s), specific dates....  And you can expect many people won't believe you. But hey, takoszja, many people wouldn't believe you no matter how much data you gave them, so we'll ignore that and go on.)

  These cost rises were in those binders back then, along with more cost rises, contingency plans for the number of people who could be expected to die and how (freezing, starving...), and official responses.  The only variable was (always) how to manipulate Congress members, and which ones, in which positions, would be most manipulable, vulnerable, etc....

  Recently, someone in a position to know told me that there was a meeting of "business leaders" in a certain state, and the speaker told them then that "the price of a barrel of crude oil was going to hit $120".  Not 'might', but "would'.  The "business leaders"  laughed the speaker off the stage.

   They hired this person to advise them of coming trends and events, and then they refused to listen.  My - doesn't this sound familiar?  Hanh / Yes.

  But wait, there's more; as the infomercial says.  These same people hired this same speaker a year later, and were told that "the price of a barrel of crude oil was going to hit $200".  This time, no one laughed, but no one thought to ask if this were some way planned for earlier, and if so, by whom and when.  Why the heck not?!?

  I've been 'the point guy' for questions like this since I was a kid.  I've taken lots of flack for it,  too.  Been called 'crazy', 'alarmist', 'mentally unbalanced', etc.  And I've also been right every doggoned time.  What I can't figure is, why aren't the rest of you, particularly the supposed 'business leaders' asking these questions?  And then, why aren't you developing contingency plans to ameliorate the problems? Leaders are supposed to be strong of character, brave of heart, and ahead of the game in general.  That's how my dictionary defines 'leader', anyway....