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So, since my last post.... 

My investor backed away from the investment after I reiterated my disinterest in dating anyone. including but not limited to someone investing money in my company. Frustrating.  So, in the matter of a week I lost money and lost my web developer since I was no longer in a position to pay him. I faced utter despair until:

  1. Thank you Mass Revenue for returning the over payment for my property taxes!
  2. Thank you stimulus check
  3. Thank you Fed return!
  4. THANK YOU Sonya and Jason for taking on the project of developing my web site for me for free because you two are AWESOME.
  5. Thank you part time job in the evenings. While I gave up restaurant work over a decade ago with a bitter "see-ya" , you welcomed me back with no grudges... understanding that everyone needs a comforting old friend to lean on sometimes! Thank you restaurant industry!
  6. Above mentioned Sonya lent me her old manual camera upon learning that my equipment had been stolen several years ago and I was missing it. See a pic of my girl Bella attached to this post. This made me happy.

So, this is what I have been up to. It now looks like we will launch in less than two weeks. On the 17th of this month we are participating at an eco-consumer fair in Saugus. Still trying to figure out the best products to bring with. From my experience I don't buy pricey things at these things. I stick to $20 or below when I shop at fairs and outdoor markets. Perhaps I will just bring one of each bed and allow people to order them at the event and then I will ship them out that week following.

P.s. My Dell Latitude broke its hinge and I made some really tasty jammy compote tonight. Yum.