9 eNewsletter Improvements You Cannot Forget

In early April, I promised to give away free enewsletter advice.
I am happy today to report back on the communication of a non-partisan,
civic participation non-profit. They asked me not to mention them by
name, so the organization will hereafter be known as “the client.” And,
this client’s enewsletter was far better than at least 90% of what I
have seen, so first, congrats to them!

With this post, it is my goal to suggest new tactics and options for
this particular client, but I hope that the advice will be useful to
your company or organization as well.

The simplest way to tackle the client’s enewsletters will be to
break it down into its separate parts. I think the content over all is
fabulous – personal, informative, and (mostly) on message. I am really
impressed by the client’s enewsletter and only have some humble

Would these suggestions work for your non-profit or company enewsletter too?

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