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I am the first to try anything new out there. Problem is I usually I find that I am bored with whatever the TechCrunch flavor of the week is pretty quickly. Twitter was one of these tools.

Microbloging (the act of blogging simple acts and thoughts from your phone as they happen throughout the day) was something that didn’t really appeal to me. I can barely find enough time to blog for Fast Company and my MVP Blog site. But I noticed something interesting. Many of my business contacts were updating their Facebook status via Twitter. I started following some of their exploits. Samples of some of their Twitters included:

·         SEA to SAN going home and escaping the rain!·         Headed to dbacks game with wife and friends. Go dbacks!·         In HI... Trying to get to Wikiki Beach...share a cab·         hard disk recovery complete. couldn't copy some files, but old enough they are in last backup. archive.pst completely gone though·         reading a good computerworld article about vista

What I realized was I was getting insight into these people daily lives and I had a new weapon to use when I ran into them, relevant yet personal information.

One colleague I ran into was amazed when I asked him very specific questions in regards to a trip to Egypt he had just returned from. Another friend was in Twittering that he was in Chicago so I pulled out my phone and sent him a list of must visit restaurants in the Loop (my old stomping grounds) that he should not miss. He was quite thankful but surprised at how quick my response to him was. I had now found my edge in the social ring.

My business partner asked how I knew who was where and what they were up to? I explained my use of Twitter (a product he also signed up for and quickly disregarded) and how I was using it to track friends and see what everyone was up to. He is now an addict and is using that edge to further his foothold with clients.

His latest message,  "On way to Hawaii"…hmmm...I will have to ask him to bring back some Kona Coffee while he is there. Good thing I knew where he was.