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Hau mitakuyapi.  Hello, my relatives.  This is my first post on this blog, although it is not my first post.

  On my blog you will find my humor, which runs to sarcasm, irony, and puns; and  my observations on the majority culture and its many foibles.

  My first ex- said my tongue was made by Wilkinson Sword, so be warned and wear your Kevlar-reinforced clothes.  Let us never forget that my answer to the question, "What kind of Ind are you?!?" is an unequivocal, "The kind whose ancestors creamed Custer and his goons at the Greasy Grass in June of 1876."  My Elders did not raise me to be a "doormat Indn", and they succeeded.  It doesn't always make me popular, but I can't say as I particularly care.  What's right is seldom popular and what's popular is seldom right, and that's historic fact..

  I take aim at mascotting, hubris, just-plain-foolishness, arrogance and its ugly twin ignorance, and I absolutely live to stick my thumb in the eye of pomposity and self-importance. 

  In the Way of my People, I am an heyoka - a thunder-dreamer, a cosmic clown, someone who has lightnings for friends.  When times are tough, I am likely to make terrible bad jokes.

  I don't have much use for missionaries except as compost, speed bumps, and turtle food.  We didn't need them trying to stuff their "commandments" down our throats like a pair of dirty socks before the lost Italian landed in 1492, and we don't now.  It has been our observation that while the missionaries have been preaching, they've been simultaneously breaking several of their "commandments", thus proving that they're all talk and no action.  Besides, if you need 10 or more "commandments" to cover your lifestyle, you need to streamline.  We've gotten by for eons on 3:  Show respect!; Mitakuye oiasin (All {are} my relatives; and All of life is a circle.  If you think about them, you find they cover everything, either directly or by extension.  No ifs, buts, or ands....

  If you have a complaint about that, you're welcome to it, but don't think your complaint will bother me or change my perspective.  We Lakota have been traditionally raised to consider things in detail before making up our minds, and if we suffer, to suffer in silence.  If I complain, rest assured, there's good cause.

  I'm always up for wacipi (dancing), powwow (gathering, singing, and visiting), and anything good like that.  Traditionally, we got up to sing in the dawn and welcome Ampetu, the sun, and I still do.  My neighbors love it.  Of course, my nearest neighbors are bucking bulls and horses..

  Mitakuye oiasin.