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Energy independence, global warming and the negative effects of "business as usual" on our environment are driving consumers, investors, and business owners to the multi-trillion dollar "Going Green" movement.  More than just a trend, going green is here to stay.  Move over blue collar and white collar, "green collar" is moving on up!

So how do you get started?  How can you get on board this eco-friendly trend turned movement?  The greatest issue we face today, environmentally speaking, is in replacing carbon-centric products and services.  Carbon is in everything from plastic bags, plastic water bottles, paint, cell-phones it is even used to preserve the color of tuna.  Your first step could be a small one, reducing your carbon footprint by using less carbon-centric products and services.  A simple search on google for eco-friendly products and services will turn up a plethora of options.

 But let's say you are an innovator and you want to do more than just improve your own business you want to jump in on the revolution and get involved in affecting change.  The industry needing the most innovation is energy.  The fact is that we simply cannot achieve energy independence by sticking with gasoline, a product we import more than double what we produce ourselves.  A HUGE opportunity is opening itself to entrepreneurs.  Re-engineering our more than 200 million vehicles is an estimated $5 trillion, not to mention all that comes along with that in, parts, services, sales, marketing, and fuel production.  Not interested in cars?  Renewable energy generating products such as solar panels, wind power turbines, and biofuel production is another multi trillion dollar industry.  Creation, installation and production of these products could lead to a very lucrative business opportunity to any entrepreneur.   Whether you change the products you buy and sell by going more eco-friendly, or get involved in a more innovative way, don't miss out on this multi trillion dollar movement.  Don't miss out on your opportunity to change the world.