• 04.21.08

Workplace Politics necessary or necessary evil

Politics in the Board room   It’s all around us, listen and you will hear and see it.  “POLITICS” that buzz word that is only applicable to…….well  politics !

Politics in the Board room



It’s all around us, listen and you will hear and see it.  “POLITICS” that buzz word that is only applicable to…….well  politics !

“Political motivation” in the “board rooms” is a term that is used in a negative tone typically.  Is it necessary or a necessary evil that makes the business world go round. ?


Everyone one is aware of it , everyone has thought about it, has everyone acted on it or been affected by it, negatively or positively ? 

The subtle water cooler conversations, the indirect commentary, the back handed compliments to a superior.  

Are we all guilty of career sabotage to some degree of a fellow co worker ?



I will give an example, and the reason for the blog,  I was in a major Canadian airport 2 weeks ago and this rather loud boisterous fella in a suit and blue tooth attached to his ear, a commercial ad waiting to be produced for perhaps a new male enhancement drug, was whaling away to someone on the other end.  What I heard were the reasons why,  (I assume) a co worker is not busy,  why no one is giving them work, and when they did get work they did such a poor job based on what he was “hearing”. 

Question the person on the other end , was this a co worker ? a superior ?  was this sabotage in the making ? I will never know,   but one key thing I didn’t hear in the conversation was that he spoke to this individual or any positive words at all. Sorry for the eaves dropping dude (by the way is it eaves or ease) hummm ? , but the entire terminal heard ya ! 


Imagine for a moment if businesses truly acted on the buzz words , be a team player, open communication, lets not work in silos ………etc etc.   In many of todays environments companies are being held back by many things, but in efficiencies due to “political” posturing and positioning has to rank up there as one of the highest road blocks in being a truly exceptional employer, company to invest in and just plain old profitable.


Todays business leaders need to understand this dynamic and need to be successful in controlling it, key word is control folks ! you may not be able stamp it out entirely, but at least be aware of it and have managerial insight and courage to confront it.